Need financial support?

Illumma has many ways to make ketamine more affordable!

Please note: Although insurance doesn't cover Ketamine, you can still get reimbursed for several aspects of your visit by using SuperBills.

Reflecting on over five years of serving you with compassion and dedication, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment. Effective July 15th, we will implement modest adjustments to our pricing structure. These changes, the first since our inception, are necessary to uphold our commitment to providing the highest quality of care and ensuring the sustainability of our beloved clinic. Why the Change? At Illumma, our journey has been guided by a steadfast commitment to excellence and affordability. However, recent increases in payroll and essential supplies compel us to adjust our prices slightly. These adjustments are crucial to support our exceptional team with fair wages and benefits in Austin’s challenging economic landscape. How We’re Supporting You Through This Transition, We recognize that financial considerations are important, especially during these times. To ease this transition, we’re introducing several initiatives:

  • Illumma’s Thank You Life KAT Fund: Offering partial scholarships for KAT to those in need.
  • Discounts: Available for veterans, first responders, seniors, teachers, students, and mental health professionals.
  • Financial Options: Including Care Credit with up to 24 months zero interest, HSA/FSA payments, and superbills for insurance reimbursement (10-40% depending on coverage).

Don’t worry; if you have already started your ketamine series, Illumma will honor our current pricing until you have been transitioned into long-term care.  Additionally, to honor our longstanding clients, we’re offering Grandfather Pricing Packages for Self-Guided and KAT Booster sessions—secure current rates by purchasing a single or three-pack of sessions before July 15th. Connect with us today to lock in your price. What Are the Pricing Changes? Beginning July 15th, our prices will see a modest adjustment of 5-15% across our services. Here’s a detailed breakdown: Self-Guided Ketamine Therapy:

  • Current:
    • Single Session: $600
    • 6 Infusion Series: $3000
    • Booster: $480
  • New Price:
    • Single: $630
    • 6 Infusion Series: $3150
    • Booster: $500
  • Grandfather Packages
    • Single Booster: $480
    • 3 Booster Package: $1440

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy 

  • Current:
    • Onboarding: $300
    • KAT Session or Booster: $700
    • Integration: 150
  • New Price:
    • Onboarding: $360
    • KAT Session: $800
    • Integration: $180
  • Grandfather Packages
    • Singles Session: $700
    • 3 Session Package: $2100

What Does This Mean for Illumma and You? These adjustments enable us to uphold the highest standards of care while ensuring our team remains dedicated and motivated. They also pave the way for future innovations, including new services like Group KAT and Couples KAT, as well as collaborations with local wellness partners like Ocean Lab, fostering a holistic healing community. In Closing At Illumma, our mission remains rooted in your well-being and transformation. While these adjustments reflect our commitment to sustainability and quality, we remain deeply committed to providing accessible care through our various support programs. If you have any questions or wish to secure grandfather pricing, please reach out to us. Your trust and journey with us are immensely valued. Warm regards, The Illumma Team