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Find your light through Ketamine Therapy

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Happy Clients

This place changed my life. Extremely friendly and understanding staff, each one seems to genuinely care about the patient as an individual, and they have all been through ketamine therapy themselves. I felt completely safe talking about my trauma with them, and I would trust these workers with my life. Illumma truly provides a live changing service like no other, and the price is absolutely worth it. I’d rate 6 stars if I could.


“My son has been getting infusions and everybody has noticed a 100% change for the better. His anxiety wouldn’t allow him to talk to anybody or feel comfortable with his job. Now he enjoys his job and has even made friends.”


Our Affiliations

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What if you could be the person you’ve always envisioned?

What if the depression lifted, the anxiety subsided, the trauma dissipated, and the stress shifted?

This may feel like a fantasy for those that have suffered for months, years, or even decades, but it is not. You may have tried “everything,” but nothing seems to have worked long-term, or maybe what used to work is no longer helping. You may be losing hope, feel stuck, or ready to give up.

But here is the truth: you are not broken!

Not only that, but you can heal yourself. You just need the proper support and the right tools to do so.

Our ketamine specialists are here to guide and support you through this transformational journey. Unlike other types of therapy, ketamine will allow you to deal with the root cause of what is keeping you stuck and give you actionable insight on how to change your life. This clinically proven, legal, safe, and rapid treatment will allow you to remember the light within you so it can shine once again.

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Mental Wellness Reimagined

Illumma is the premier ketamine clinic in Austin, TX.

We help people be their best selves by empowering them to uncover their unique light. We provide hope and offer relief to those who feel lost by shining the light on that unbroken, whole, powerful part of you.

We have created a safe space designed with your healing in mind. Our team of ketamine specialists offers individualized, empathetic care in a relaxed, spa-like environment so you can heal your mind, body, and soul. This relaxing environment allows your nervous system to feel safe and optimizing healing. Our Central Austin mental wellness centers can be the haven for recovery you have been searching for.

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Our Healing Process

1. Get all your questions answered by Team Illumma with an Informational Call
2. Fill out our online intake paperwork quickly and easily from phone or desktop.
3. Pay consultation deposit.
4.Phone consultation with an Illumma Advanced Provider
5. Complete your online consent form, pay your deposit and schedule your ketamine series

Two Paths Towards Your Healing

During your phone consultation, Illumma Nurse Practitioner will discuss which path of healing is best for you and create a customized care plan for your optimized healing.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy

If you would prefer to work with your existing coach or therapist.

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

If you prefer to have a Therapist from our team.

Find Your Light at Illumma

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