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Please note: Although insurance doesn't cover Ketamine, you can still get reimbursed for several aspects of your visit by using SuperBills.

Our Pricing

“Peace, happiness, and love are a daily practice. Give time and energy to that which you want more of in your life. Invest in yourself for a higher quality of life. You’re worth it.”

– Akiroq Brost

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One of the first questions people ask is “How much do the infusions cost?” We understand that this treatment method is a financial investment. Consider how these costs compare with what your mental health may be costing.

  • What is your depression costing you?
  • What is feeling ‘checked out’ from your life costing you?
  • What is being disconnected from others costing you?

    While there are financial costs associated with some of these, there are also costs to your happiness and wellbeing.

    Ketamine treatment is an investment in your mental health. Allow this self care to become an investment in your mental wellbeing; an investment that grows and pays dividends that last a lifetime.

    Why Illumma?

    • Our protocols and individualized approach are cutting-edge, leading the ketamine industry.
    • Comfort driven – we provide a soothing environment, aromatherapy, plush recliners, eye masks, noise-canceling headphones, weighted blankets, and curated playlists.
    • IV infusions provide the best experience for patients, we’ve done over 6000.
    • No remote monitoring – medical staff in the rooms to supervise & support.
    • Integration focused – weekly integration classes, a wide network of other providers, and resources tailored to your needs.  

    Self-Guided Ketamine Infusion Pricing

    6 infusion series – $3000
    • Complimentary ketamine education calls
    • Six infusions with psychedelic-informed nurse or paramedic
    • Continuous access to weekly integration groups for furthering education
    • Discounted IV vitamin services


    We believe that finances should not prevent anyone from healing. With that in mind, we have implemented various patient payment options to ensure that everyone can afford the treatments they need. Please read on for more information.

    We want to honor those that serve our country by offering a veteran discount of 20% for any self-guided treatment series. This discount will apply for booster sessions as well, at 10% off.

    Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Pricing

    2x Onboarding Talk Sessions – $150 each
    KAT Ketamine Sessions* (2hr) – $700
    3 infusion series – $2400**

    *A minimum of 3 sessions is required but the total number of KAT sessions is determined by the client need and therapist discretion. Our standard treatment plan is six sessions. 

    **Package price includes two on-boarding talk sessions and three KAT sessions

    Ketamine sessions include approximately one hour of IV ketamine, with approximately 30 minutes of pre-therapy and 30 minutes of session processing. 

    Clients are required to have a credit card on file with Illumma while receiving KAT.

    Illumma has a cancellation policy around missed appointments. Please contact staff to learn more.

    Couples KAT Program Pricing

    $5000 – 3 Ketamine Session Couples Program
    •  2, 2hr: Preparation Sessions –  Talk therapy sessions that focus on understanding your goals and desires as a couple as well as preparing you for the ketamine experience.
    • 3, 2hr: Medicine Sessions – These sessions consist of both talk therapy and intramuscular ketamine administration. The ketamine portion will last approximately 45 minutes, while the remaining time will be devoted to processing.
    • 3, 1hr: Integration Sessions—You and your therapist will integrate insights gained from your ketamine experience to improve your relationship and work towards your goals as a couple.

    Thirteen hours of guided therapy sessions complemented by three transformative IM couple ketamine experiences. As part of our commitment to your journey, you’ll also gain access to the Illumma Lighthouse Integration Therapy Group—a virtual weekly gathering designed to offer ongoing support and enrichment throughout your engagement with Illumma.

    Moreover, we’re thrilled to offer this comprehensive package at a remarkable 20% discount off our traditional KAT pricing.

    Furthermore, your journey doesn’t conclude after three sessions. Following this initial phase, you and your dedicated therapist will collaboratively assess your progress and determine if additional sessions are beneficial to attaining your collective goals. Should you choose to continue, each subsequent ketamine and integration package is available at the accessible rate of $1000.

    Unlock the potential for profound connection and lasting transformation—experience Couples KAT at Illumma today.

    Group KAT Program Pricing

    $3300 – 6 Ketamine Session Group Program
    • 2, 90min: Preparation Sessions –  Group talk therapy sessions that focus on building rapport, understanding your goals as well as preparing you for the ketamine experience.
    • 3, 3hr: Medicine Sessions – These sessions consist of both talk therapy and intramuscular ketamine administration. The ketamine portion will last approximately 45 minutes, while the remaining time will be devoted to processing as a group.
    • 3, 90min: Integration Sessions – You and your group will integrate insights gained from the ketamine experience. Together, you will uncover ways to implement those insights into your life to create lasting change.


    Immerse yourself in over 16 hours of comprehensive therapy sessions, thoughtfully curated to foster deep connection and transformative growth. Elevating your journey further, this package also grants you exclusive access to the Illumma Lighthouse Integration, a virtual haven of ongoing support and guidance.

    The Group KAT experience is not just a treatment—it’s a journey towards profound connection and collective healing. And the best part? You’ll enjoy all of this at an extraordinary 47% discount off our traditional KAT pricing.

    Add-On Pricing

    Post Infusion Add-Ons

    IV Vitamin Drip – $99
    IV Vitamins + NAD+(100mg) – $149
    NAD+ 500mg – $250
    NAD+ 100mg “mini” Drip -$75
    Glutathione IV Push – $25
    Plain 500ml Saline – $30

    Stand Alone Add-Ons

    NAD+ Only (500mg) – $250
    single/6 pack – $1200
    IV Vitamin Drip – $149
    IV Vitamins + NAD+(100mg) – $199
    Glutathione IV Push added on to any vitamin bag – $25



    Post-infusion vitamins and saline add-ons will only add an additional 10-15 minutes onto your infusion time. While NAD+ can add 30-45 minutes of additional time at lower doses.

    You can find out more about these therapies and the specific vitamins we use on our IV Vitamin Therapy page and our NAD+ Therapy page.

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    Insurance, Medicare, FSAs & HSAs

    At this time, ketamine is not covered by insurance. However, Illumma is a mental health clinic, so many other procedures (office visits, IVs, other medications) are covered. We can create itemized Superbills that allow you to submit an out-of-network bill to your insurance for reimbursement. Patients typically receive 20-50% back in reimbursement. You can also use your HSA (health savings account) or FSA (flexible spending account) to cover costs.

    Payment Plans:

    Investing in your mental health is a part of the healing process. Committing to this treatment mentally, emotionally, and financially can help you actualize the changes you’d like to make in your life.

    If cost is a barrier to your treatment options, allow our program partners to help! 

    2. CareCredit (Self Guided or KAT) The CareCredit card allows you to get the health and wellness treatments you need today with convenient monthly payments. CareCredit offers payment plans for up to 24 months with no interest or 60 months low interest. Apply here

    2. Advance Care (Self Guided or KAT) to help more people heal without finances having to make patients put their mental health on the back burner. Advance Care Card is the quickest and easiest way to pay for your insurance procedures and treatments not covered. Apply here


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    You deserve HOPE!

    You deserve to HEAL!

    You are worth the INVESTMENT!